Monday, 31 May 2010


The longer I stare at the word blog the uglier it gets, and a quick search shows most varieties of the word have been explored. Blogue, blogette.

Anyway, I've followed the instructions and here I am, and am supposed to express my feelings about it all so far. It was quite simple, instructive and fun - and clearly could be rather addictive. And equally easy to forget a few weeks' instructions and then having to catch up rather a lot, a situation probably best avoided. And I like this default font.


  1. Hello there. I've just added your blog to the list of Cam23 bloggers on the main site. Very glad the intsructions were clear.



  2. Yes it is quite addictive! And this font is very elegant. I can't wait to catch up with more of your cam23 experiences!

  3. Hello Marjolein!

    I do agree with you on the word "blog" being slightly clunky! I think weblog works far better but as with everything, it must be shortened for ease etc. Anyway, I'm glad you've started a blog and are looking forward to more 23 Things!


  4. Bloguoteer?
    What's most annoying is that so far all spell checks I've used all highlight blog as a spelling mistake. Anyway, as Europeans isn't there an EU directive telling us to spell it blogue - if there isn't shouldn't there be?

  5. Hmm, blogette somehow reminds me of French bread. I do agree though, it's a rather unpalatable word. According to Wikipedia it's a portmanteau of the term "web log". There surely must be a nicer way of shortening/abbreviating "web log"?