Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Doodle the dog

I was mid-Doodle poll when the lights went out. Imagine my feelings of horror as I imagined that my flippant musings had gone to all people in my addressbook... Because all I wanted was a suggestion as to a name for my imaginary new black labrador. There would have been emails telling me where to walk the animal, giving me the names of local vets, warning me that labradors need loads of exercise, giving news on their own pets, children, holidays and 'must catch up' and 'haven't seen you for ages' and 'still at the Library?'
In the end all was well and the result: Rover got 3 votes; Thompson 1; Sultan 2; Fido 1 and Blackie none at all. All in all a good introduction to a useful tool, and when I do get a dog, I know how to get help with names.

1 comment:

  1. What a shame that Sultan didn't win - it would be a much better name to be calling out in the local park (don't worry - I have no recommendations).