Thursday, 24 June 2010

Go a step further...

Received this week in Legal Deposit: a 10 part (slim ones!) set called The Tech Set, published by Facet Publishing.

The editor, Ellyssa Kroski, mentions in the preface that she 'envisioned a series of books that would offer accessible, practical information and would encapsulate the spirit of a 23 Thing program, but go a step further' so it seems this is a timely acquisition.

The 10 parts cover

1. Next-Gen library catalogs (9781856047210)
2. Mobile technology and libraries (9781856047227)
3. Microblogging and lifestreaming in libraries (9781856047234)
4. Library videos and webcasts (9781856047241)
5. Wikis for libraries (9781856047258)
6. Technology training in libraries (9781856047265)
7. A social networking primer for libraries (9781856047272)
8. Library camps and unconferences (9781856047289)
9. Gaming in libraries (9781856047296)
10. Effective blogging for libraries (9781856047302)

and there's a link to more info at I've asked for these to be catalogued as urgents and to be made borrowable, so they should be available soon to keen 23 Thingers.

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  1. Great! Would you like to add this information to the 23 Things Cambridge Facebook page? (If you don't already have a Facebook account I would be happy to do this for you).